27/07/2015 Essex Summer School

I am currently in lovely Essex and teaching a two weeks course on “Model Specification, Estimation and Visualization” for this year’s Essex Summer School in Socal Science Data Analysis.

09/07/2015 New Article on Social Context and Voting Behavior Out Now!

Part of my ongoing work on religious cleavage voting (together with Kathrin Ackermann) has just been published in the Politische Vierteljahresschrift: The New Relevance of Social Context for Voting Behavior. Response to Franz Urban Pappi Abstract: We respond to the critique of our article (Ackermann and Traunmüller 2014) and argue that... View Article

18/06/2015 Talk at the 5th Annual Conference of the EPSA

Next week I will present my joint paper with Thomas Plümper “We Could Have Estimated 5 Billion Regressions (But We Didn´t). The Logic of Meta-analytical Sensitivity Tests” at the 5th Annual Conference of the European Political Science Association (EPSA) in Vienna. When? Friday June 26th,  10.30h. Where? Schloss Schönbrunn Apothekerstrakt,... View Article

14/03/2015 Religious Regulation and Muslim Immigrants

My working paper with Marc Helbling on the connection of religious regulation and attitudes toward Muslim immigrants got some attention. The Social Science Research Centre Berlin (WZB) had a press release and a German synopsis of our study in the March issue of the WZB-Mitteilungen.  

08/01/2015 Two New Working Papers Uploaded at the SSRN

How State Support of Religion Shapes Attitudes Toward Muslim Immigrants. New Evidence from a Subnational Comparison (together with Marc Helbling). View How Civil War Experience Affects Dimensions of Social Trust in a Cross-National Comparison (together with David Born and Markus Freitag). View  

25/10/2014 Talk on the “New Politics of Religion”

Next week, I will give a talk on “A New Politics of Religion: How European Democracies React to Growing Religious Diversity” in the Empirical Research Colloquium at Goethe University Frankfurt. When? Tuesday 28.10.14, 16.00-18.00 h. Where? PEG Gebäude, 2.G121.

22/10/2014 In the Media: Interview on Religion and Politics

The Open Religious Policy Forum (FOR) interviewed me on changes in religious policy in Europe, religious discrimination in Germany as well as on the social effects of state support of religion and growing religious diversity. Founded in 2011, the FOR is the only German institution advocating religious freedom for adherents... View Article