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20/08/2023 Paper accepted at BJPS!

Our paper “Value Conflicts Revisited: Muslims, Gender Equality and Gestures of Respect” (with Elisabeth Ivarsflaten, Marc Helbling, and Paul M. Sniderman) has just been accepted for publication at the British Journal of Political Science!

18/07/2023 Conditional Accept at AJPS!

Our article “The Gendered Costs of Stigma: How Experiences of Wartime Sexual Violence Encourage Civic Engagement for Women and Men” (with Carlo Koos) has just been accepted, conditional on successful verification, at the American Journal of Political Science. BAM!!

03/07/2023 New Working Paper on SSRN!

Our working paper on “Measuring Multidimensional Social Identification Using a Conjoint Experiment” (with S. Göbel and Alex Schmidt-Catran) is now available at the Social Science Research Network.

27/06/2023 EITM Europe in Oslo

Starting tomorrow, I will teach a 2.5 days course on “Statistical Foundations of EITM” at the EITM Europe Summer Institute in Oslo.

21/06/2023 New Article Out Now!

Our article on “Social Integration: Conceptual Foundations and Open Questions” has just been published at the Kölner Zeitschrift für Soziologie und Sozialpsychologie (with D. Grunow, P. Sachweh & U. Schimank)!