New journal article on “Measuring Church-State-Relations” out now!

My article on measuring church-state-relations just got published online first. Here’s the abstract:

The renewed interest in the religious factor in politics has also led to an increased concern for the entanglement of the church and the state. However, quantitative comparative research efforts in political science so far have been inhibited due to a lack of adequate measurement concepts. Only very recently several suggestions on how to measure church-state-relations have come up. The present article aims to introduce these new measurement instruments and to evaluate their methodological strengths and weaknesses in a comparative analysis. I draw on the criteria for the methodological evaluation of measurement instruments proposed by Munck and Verkuilen, (Comparative Political Studies 35:5–24, 2002) elaborated by Müller and Pickel (Politische Vierteljahresschrift 48:511–539, 2007) and apply them to a total of five different indices for the measurement of church-state-relations. In particular, I evaluate how these different measurement concepts perform in the three methodological steps of conceptualization, measurement and aggregation. Besides the comparative analysis of new measurement instruments this will also test the transferability and usefulness of this evaluation scheme in alternative contexts.

Traunmüller, R. (2012): Zur Messung von Staat-Kirche-Beziehungen: Eine vergleichende Analyse neuerer Indizes [Measuring church-state-relations: a comparative analysis of new indices]. Zeitschrift für Vergleichende PolitikwissenschaftDOI: 10.1007/s12286-012-0127-4.