I am a Professor of Political Science and Empirical Democracy Research in the School of Social Sciences at the University of Mannheim and scientific director of the German Internet Panel (GIP). Previously, I held positions at the Graduate School of Economics and Social Sciences (GESS) in Mannheim, Goethe University Frankfurt, the University of Essex, the Mannheim Centre for European Social Research (MZES) as well as the universities of Berne and Konstanz. I study the socio-structural and psycho-cultural requisites of democracy with a strong focus on problems of social cohesion and conflict. My current research involves the politics of free speech and censorship, citizens’ preferences for migration policy, the rural-urban political divide and the civic consequences of wartime sexual violence. I also have a keen interest in quantitative political methodology, including Bayesian methods, data visualization and survey experiments. My work has been published in American Journal of Political ScienceBritish Journal of Political Science, Comparative Political Studies, and Political Analysis, among others. 

Please feel free to contact me at: traunmueller[at]uni-mannheim.de