Talk on “Religious Diversity and Social Integration in Cross-National Comparison”

This week I will give a talk on “Religious Diversity and Social Integration in Cross-National Comparison.” This paper was invited for the special issue “Religion and Society” of the Kölner Zeitschrift für Soziologie und Sozialpsychologie and the talk will be given as part of the authors´ workshop.

When? February 8th, 15:30-17:30h

Where? MZES, University of Mannheim.

Some results on the effects of various measures of religous diversity on trust in religious outgroups are here:













Note: Posterior means and 95% HPD intervals from five separate Bayesian Hierarchical Ordered Probit Models of religious diversity (CIMMS data) on religious outgroup trust in J=41 countries (WVS 2005-2007 data). Individual and country level controls not shown. Uninformative Priors. Inference is based on 1000 MCMC iterations. No signs of non-convergence.