05/07/2022 EITM Europe in Oslo

I am currently teaching a two-and-a-half day workshop on “Experiments for Evidence-based Political Science” at the EITM Europe Summer Institute in Oslo.

16/06/2022 Paper out now!

Our paper on affective political polarization in triage decisions is now out in Political Science Research & Methods! (with L. Stoetzer, S. Munzert, W. Lowe, B. Cali, A. Gohdes, M. Helbling & R. Maxwell)

15/06/2022 New working paper

Our RISC working paper on social integration is out now! (In German, together with Daniela Grunow, Patrick Sachweh & Uwe Schimank).

19/05/2022 New working paper

Our new working paper “Value Conflicts Revisited: Gender Equality and Gestures of Respect” (together with Elisabeth Ivarsflaten, Marc Helbling and Paul M. Sniderman) is now up on SSRN.

01/05/2022 Invited Talk in Vienna

On Tuesday, I will give a talk on “The Political Consequences of Wartime Sexual Violence” at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration.

27/04/2022 Paper Out Now!

Our paper on Computing quantities of interest and their uncertainty using Bayesian simulation (with Andi Murr and Jeff Gill) is out now!

31/01/2022 UNU-WIDER Working Paper out now!

Check out our new working paper: Koos, C. & Traunmüller, R. (2022). The social and political consequences of wartime sexual violence: New evidence from list experiments in three conflict-affected populations. WIDER Working Paper 2022/11. Helsinki: UNU-WIDER.