11/01/2023 Conditional Accept at JPR!

Our paper (with Belen Gonzalez) on the “Political Consequences of Wartime Sexual Violence” has been conditionally accepted at the Journal of Peace Research.

24/10/2022 Some recent talks

In the last couple of weeks I gave the following talks and presentations: Talk on “Does Diversity Erode Trust?” at the ConTrust Workshop on “Trust and Conflict in Democracies” at Goethe University Frankfurt. Talk on “Improving the Study of Sensitive Topics using Prior Evidence” in the “Data Science in Action”... View Article

23/08/2022 Article Accepted!

Our article “The importance of citizenship for deserving COVID-19 treatment” (with R. Maxwell, M. Helbling & S. Munzert) has been accepted for publication in Humanities & Social Sciences Communications.

23/08/2022 New Article Out Now!

Our article on “Subjective Freedom of Speech: Why Do Citizens Think They Cannot Speak Freely?” (together with Jan Menzner) is now out in the Politische Vierteljahresschrift.  

05/07/2022 EITM Europe in Oslo

I am currently teaching a two-and-a-half day workshop on “Experiments for Evidence-based Political Science” at the EITM Europe Summer Institute in Oslo.