19/12/2017 Article accepted by BJPS!

Our article “What is Islamophobia? Disentangling Citizens’ Feelings Towards Ethnicity, Religion and Religiosity Using a Survey Experiment” has just been accepted for publication in the British Journal of Political Science.

08/12/2017 Article accepted by SMR!

Our article “Improving and Validating Survey Estimates of Religious Demography Using Bayesian Multilevel Models with Poststratification” has just been accepted for publication in Sociological Methods & Research.

16/10/2017 Talk on Visual Inference at the Social Science Data Lab

This Wednesday, October 18th, I will present “Visual Inference for the Social Sciences” at the MZES Social Science Data Lab. “This talk introduces a remedy to the criticism frequently voiced against data visualization and exploration: that it may give rise to an over-interpretation of random patterns. A way to overcome this problem... View Article

15/09/2017 Talk on Robustness of Religious Indices

Yesterday, I gave a talk on “Why we should not worry about expert disagreement over religious indices” (joint work with Thomas Plümper) at the Conference “A Secular Age beyond the West: Modes of Secularity in Asia” in Hannover.

12/09/2017 Religious Minorities: Workshop and Panel at GIGA

Tomorrow, I will be at the German Institute for Global and Area Studies (GIGA) in Hamburg and part of the workshop “Religious Minorities: Grievances, Discrimination and Conflict” (11.15-16.00h) as well as the panel at the GIGA Forum “Contested Freedom: The Many Faces of Religious Discrimination Across the Globe” (18.00-20.00).  

08/09/2017 Talk at ECPR in Oslo

Yesterday, I presented new experimental evidence on “Polls, Uncertainty and Perceptions of Uncertainty” (joint work with Lucas Leemann) at the ECPR general conference in Oslo.