23/08/2022 Article Accepted!

Our article “The importance of citizenship for deserving COVID-19 treatment” (with R. Maxwell, M. Helbling & S. Munzert) has been accepted for publication in Humanities & Social Sciences Communications.

23/08/2022 New Article Out Now!

Our article on “Subjective Freedom of Speech: Why Do Citizens Think They Cannot Speak Freely?” (together with Jan Menzner) is now out in the Politische Vierteljahresschrift.  

05/07/2022 EITM Europe in Oslo

I am currently teaching a two-and-a-half day workshop on “Experiments for Evidence-based Political Science” at the EITM Europe Summer Institute in Oslo.

16/06/2022 Paper out now!

Our paper on affective political polarization in triage decisions is now out in Political Science Research & Methods! (with L. Stoetzer, S. Munzert, W. Lowe, B. Cali, A. Gohdes, M. Helbling & R. Maxwell)

15/06/2022 New working paper

Our RISC working paper on social integration is out now! (In German, together with Daniela Grunow, Patrick Sachweh & Uwe Schimank).