24/08/2021 Proposal Accepted for UNU-WIDER Project on Institutional Legacies of Violent Conflict

Our proposal “The Social and Political Legacy of Wartime Sexual Violence” (with Carlo Koos) was accepted for the Project on Institutional Legacies of Violence Conflict of the United Nations University – World Institute for Development Economics Research. The project seeks to increase understanding among policymakers, academics and practitioners of how institutional dynamics that develop... View Article

15/07/2021 Course at Data Science Summer School

Today, I taught a four-hour short course on “Data Visualization using R” in the Data Science Summer School hosted by the Hertie Social Data Science Lab. The complete session was recorded – including my door bell ringing and the dog going crazy in the very beginning. Yikes! I will probably... View Article

25/06/2021 Blog Post on Free Speech at the University

SozBlog – the official blog of the German Sociological Association – features our thoughts on how to improve the empirical study of free speech at the university from a pluralist perspective (with P.-I. Villa and M. Revers). Read part 1 here.

13/06/2021 Talk on Free Speech at the University

Tomorrow, I will give a talk on “Is Free Speech in Danger on University Campus?” in the Cluster Colloquium series of the Cluster of Excellence “The Politics of Inequality” at the University of Konstanz. It’s a true pleasure and honor to return to my Alma Mater!